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It wasn't what anyone thought or wanted it to be, so it was tough to sit and watch, that's for sure."  The Blue Jackets missed the 32-year-old's consistency a season ago, as Nyquist played in just about every situation for Columbus in his debut season with the team in 2019-20, notching 15 goals and 42 points while playing more than 18 minutes per game. Considering the season ended a month early because of the coronavirus pandemic, those numbers were almost right in line with his career production averages of around 20 goals and 50 points per season throughout his career with the Red Wings and Sharks.  But if there's a silver lining to what Nyquist went through last year, it's that the Swede is now fully healthy and ready to return after the year off.   "The shoulder, it was something that had to get done and it feels really nice," Nyquist said. "I played with that and was dealing with that for a while, especially in the bubble. I was struggling, and that's kind of when we knew we had to get something done. Obviously coming back and playing a game feeling healthy will be awesome."  And when Nyquist does take the ice, he'll see a much different cast of characters trying to help him win. Such names as Nick Foligno, David Savard, Cam Atkinson and Seth Jones have been traded since Nyquist last took the ice, with the Blue Jackets acquiring a number of draft picks and young prospects over the past year.  "There's a lot of new faces," Nyquist said. "A lot of faces that are familiar to me are gone, guys that I am going to miss, guys that I've gotten to become very close to in these last two years. It was all of the older guys that left, but like you said, we have a lot of new excitement bring brought in and so it will be great first to meet them and then to have them on our team, so I can't wait to get going with them."  Where the return of Nyquist could be biggest for the Blue Jackets is in the leadership department. It didn't take Nyquist long to earn the respect of the locker room when he arrived in Columbus upon signing a four-year contract as a free agent in the summer of 2019, and it's clear the organization values his leadership skills.  With the Blue Jackets now in the market to replace much of the leadership core with the trades of captain Foligno and alternates Atkinson and Jones, Nyquist will have even more chances to step up and could even wear a letter on his sweater at some point.  "We are going to miss a lot of the guys that left, their leadership," Nyquist said. "It's an opportunity for other guys to step up. For me, personally, I don't think I'm going to change the way I am or anything like that. I think we still have a lot of leadership in this room with Boone (Jenner) and (Jake) Voracek coming in now -- he's an older guy in the league who is going to be a good voice in the locker room -- and younger guys that can take another step in that department.   "So I think we're page comfortable where we're at there. We feel like we have a lot of good leaders in there. We'll miss those guys for sure, but we're looking forward to what we have in our locker room."  The veteran last played a game Aug. 19, 2020, when he suited up for the Blue Jackets in the Toronto playoff bubble for the season-ending Game 5 loss to Tampa Bay in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. More than a year later, he's excited to get back out there when the Blue Jackets start camp Sept. 22 and play their first preseason games the following week.   "I can't wait to get going here," Nyquist said. "I think camp is going to be awesome to be back with the guys again, and hopefully it will be nice to get a few preseason games before the real thing starts.

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ENR Subscribe Canada Drops Criminal Prosecution of Kiewit for 2009 Fatality Site accident report diagram shows black dotted line path of a boulder that struck rock scaler Sam Fitzpatrick on a Kiewit hydroelectric project in British Columbia in 2009Image: WorkSafeBC A major Canadian union and a safety expert are blasting a decision by British Columbia prosecutors to effectively drop a criminal negligence case against U.S. construction giant Kiewit Corp. and two former construction managers stemming from the death more than a decade ago of a 24-year-old company site employee. The B.C. Prosecution Service has stayed proceedings in criminal negligence charges filed in 2019 in the death of Sam Fitzgerald, a rock scaler killed by a boulder at a remote hydroelectric project in northern British Columbia. In a statement, B.C. prosecutors cited the death of a blasting expert who had been integral to the case, as well as key witness memories of the incident that “have degraded significantly.” The decision came on Aug. 31, one week before the trial of Kiewit and the two former site managers was set to start on Sept. 7 in a provincial court. The decision was a major blow to Fitzpatrick’s family, who had pushed authorities for years to review the accident, as well as the United Steelworkers union, which has backed the family’s legal campaign. Barring an appeal, the decision also marks the end of a rare case of a major company facing criminal charges under Canada’s Westray Law. Enacted in 2004, it was named after the 1992 Westray mining explosion in Nova Scotia that killed 26 miners, despite multiple safety concerns raised by employees, government inspectors and union officials, observers say. “We are extremely disappointed in the decision from the BC Prosecution Service not to prosecute the case,” said Stephen Hunt, steelworkers district director for Western Canada and the Territories. “Sam Fitzpatrick died more than a decade ago and criminal charges were only laid in 2019 after a long campaign for accountability.” Steven Bittle, an associate professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa, said "the decision to stay the charges is infuriating on many levels.”  It is not clear if the Fitzgerald family will appeal to BC’s attorney general, an option Bittle says is open to members. Responding to the decision in a statement, Kiewit said it is “gratified” with the action by BC prosecutors and said the company continues “to offer our sincerest condolences to [Fitzpatrick's] family, friends, and those who worked with him for their loss.” If Kiewit had been found guilty in a criminal trial, there could have been serious ramifications for the company that likely would have interfered with efforts to win new work on public projects in Canada, Bittle noted in a previous interview. “It has always been our company’s belief – and that of our experts – that the rockfall that took Sam’s life was a tragic accident and was not caused by the actions of any personnel working on the site,” Kiewit said. Provincial safety agency Worksafe BC issued a $250,000 (C) fine against Kiewit in 2011 for various safety violations that its inspectors found at the  project site where Fitzgerald died—the largest penalty the safety regulator would issue that year.  The fine was reduced to less than $100,000 (C) on appeal two years later by Kiewit, with the  appellate tribunal ruling  that it could not determine if company decisions directly led to the boulder striking Fitzpatrick, but still noting that the firm “committed high risk violations with reckless disregard.”
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